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Jeremiah Turned 2

Baby J turned 2 this month, we are beyond thankful for our little man!
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Fun Picture of Hope

Our friend Derrin took this picture of Hope in front of our home
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24/7 Prayer – Halloween Week

It is that time of year, where the church in IV is on their face asking God for miracles, protection, and salvation in IV concerning Halloween weekend.

If you are not familiar with 24/7 prayer it means people are praying for 24 hrs. a day for 7 days…feel free to join us from a distance or come to the prayer shed (behind 6686 Del Playa) beginning this Saturday.

This is an e-mail sent from Annalisa, the gal spearheading the week of prayer:

My name is Annalisa Morris and I am a 4th year at UCSB. I was just e-mailing to invite anyone and everyone to join in on a campus-wide 24/7 Prayer Week that is being put on. The week of 24/7 prayer is not under any specific ministry, we want it to be a campus-wide event where all the movements unite together to cover UCSB and IV in prayer. We believe that there are college students that are hungry to see Jesus transform this campus and city, so we’re inviting any and all of the different Christian movements on campus and in this city to come and join in a week of 24/7 leading up to Halloween. All of the prayer will take place in the prayer shed behind 6686 DP it will begin midnight the 23rd and end midnight the 30th. If you are interested I’d love to have you email me a time slot you would want. I’ll attach a sign up sheet that’s blank so you can look and choose. There are 1hr slots and we’re hoping to get all of them filled. You can sign up as a movement, or Bible studies can sign up together, or individuals. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Phone: 408-464-5291

Thank you so much, blessings Annalisa

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Inheritance & Idenity

In a few weeks IVC will be hosting a conference on Inheritance & Identity led by Jacob Reeve. I may be sharing a few things too, but I will be incredibly full this weekend with all the people visiting from out of town and those that live locally…it should be an amazing weekend and hopefully a refreshing one as we will be cooking up the Jesus Burgers both Friday & Saturday night the weekend before, which is Halloween weekend!

A 3-Day Jesus Encounter hosted by IVC and led by Jacob Reeve
Why ask God for the things He has already given to you?

November 5th – 7th
– Friday @ 7pm
– Saturday @ 10am & 3pm
– Saturday @ 8pm (ministry night)
– Sunday @ 4pm

Cost: $10 – suggested donation (includes lunch Saturday)

Location: TBD

Jacob Reeve is a man of faith who loves Jesus. He is an author and an artist with a powerful teaching gift. He is the founding pastor of Isla Vista Church and currently a pastor on staff of a church in Camarillo. Jacob enjoys sharing a life of faith, hope, and love with his beautiful wife and six children.

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Jesus Burgers

It has been 3 weeks of serving up Jesus Burgers this school year and God is blowing our minds…tons of great things are happening on the street of Del Playa every Saturday night! God is good, so good!

Keep praying for IV, for the church to be courageous, and for His prodigals to come Home.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34)

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IVC in the Westmont College newspaper

An incredible bother named Lucas Bell, who is apart of the IVC family, writes for the Westmont newspaper and did an article on Jesus, heaven, and IVC this week…check it out:

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We Love Our Kids

Our friends Nate & Derika took some pictures of the kids this weekend.

We are so grateful for the different stages of life that each of them are in right now…so much fun and so much learning going on for everyone!

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Need prayer, healing, or a spiritual reading?

This Saturday during Jesus Burgers we dragged the recycle bin into the middle of the street right in front of the DP house – on one side of the bin there was a sign that said, “free prayer” and on the other side was a sign that offered spiritual readings and prayer for healing.

As you can imagine with hundreds of people walking up and down the street the signs grabbed people’s attention and caused them to stop and begin conversations with us. The spiritual readings is just a term that people in IV can relate to more than prophecy. And sure enough, we had people approach us all night wanting to get prayer and a spiritual reading. I wish I had the time and was able to record all the stories from this night, as I know they would be such an encouragement to many! Maybe one day we will do some kind of video and post a few of these stories each week as the love of God shows up in such powerful ways over people both sober and drunk every weekend in IV.

“for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Matt 5:45)

One quick story: a guy approached me, definitely a little under the influence, telling me he is an atheist, but wanted prayer…I thought that was a little comical, but prayed anyway. As I began to pray for him God started showing me stuff about His family, divorce, broken friendships, stuff about music, and a few other things. After I got done praying he just looked at me and said, “That was gnarly. That was absolutely gnarly man.” I was able to witness to Him, as I often do after these kind of reactions that God knows him, desires a relationship with him, and how good Jesus is!

One more: another guy approached a few of us as as he has been in and out of jail and wanted prayer…as we prayed, the love of God came all over him and he began to open his heart and receive what we were saying. Afterwards I talked with the guy and was able to share my story of how I started drinking at 12, got into all sorts of problems, and how Jesus set me free to be a son of a King!

Be praying for IV, God is on the move…pray that believers would be courageous, full of love, and walk in the power of God to be able to do stuff that only God can do!