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The Sueno Tabernacle

Yesterday was our 1st gathering in The Sueno Tabernacle located in our backyard…it was awesome! We had a great time of worshiping Jesus together, taking communion, sharing the word, eating dinner, and just being family. The Lord is so good to have given us a place to meet this year in Isla Vista…Holly and I are so honored to a be apart of all the Lord is doing in this city!

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New IVC Website

After many years with the same website, we now have a new one! This time of year is like January 1st for us. It’s our 8th year as a church, and we are excited about all of the new things that are happening:

– New IVSOD in Isla Vista
– New Sunday location
– New Upper Room gathering on Saturday nights
– New Home Fellowships
– New year of Jesus Burgers & a new night serving them
– New DP house people
– New students every year

Thank You, Jesus, for the fruit I am beginning to see of probably the busiest summer of my life!

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End of Summer / Beginning of the School Year

This summer is pretty much over for us now, UCSB starts this Thursday!

We had a wonderful summer as a church body, enjoying some sweet low-key fellowship, worship, and teaching in the park all summer. It was our last week meeting at the park by the ocean in IV, which had quite a wonderful view. Praise the Lord for summer days by the ocean, singing worship to our God!

Now it is time to move on over to the Lomelino household for the school year — check out Jason’s following post!

Please pray for us as the school year begins and as we host IVC at our home this year.

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Sueno Tabernacle

Over the course of the last month the Lord had been speaking to me about building a “Tabernacle” like- structure in our backyard to meet at this next year…well by grace alone, some unexpected provision, willing servants, and surrendering our home afresh to Him, we have built the structure.

Our 1st gathering is this Sunday @ 4pm, dinner to follow…of course dinner to follow as it’s IVC.

These are a few pictures of the work being done, we even had Hope working the garden. We will try to shoot more this Sunday as we begin our 8th year as a church in IV!

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Samuel’s 1st Game

Our little boy, becoming big boy, had his 1st game last Saturday! He did great running up and down the field, smiling, and not taking anything too serious. Dad, on the other hand, well, I get a little more passioante about kicking the ball and scoring…by God’s grace, I will maintain my excitement this year.

Holly and I are looking forward to the season and time together as a family. It is great too b/c the games are walking distance from our house in Isla Vista.

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Wedding in SB

This last weekend Holly coordinated a friend of ours wedding at the Natural History Museum in was an incredibly full weekend, as I had all 3 munchkins and no momma around some of Friday and all of Sunday. Overall, the weekend worked out great and the wedding was awesome… Paige looked beautiful and Holly did such a great job!

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Samuel’s 1st Soccer Practice

It felt like yesterday that I was taking my little man home from the hospital…now we are taking him to his 1st soccer practice, what the heck? I can’t believe he is almost 5! It’s been nothing but joy watching Samuel grow up, including watching him get so fired up and excited about his 1st soccer practice on Wednesday. We were about 20 minutes late as the directions were not the greatest; however, as a family we prayed and by the grace of God we located this remote hidden field in a residential neighborhood. Once we discovered that we had actually found the right team, after we had first approached a few other teams throughout Goleta, Samuel was nothing but smiles! The boy was worried so Holly and I were stoked that God got us to the right place…our God is a God of details, He definitely cares about what seems like little things in life. More pictures to come of his first game in a few weeks 🙂


Church Camping Trip

There is something special about living life together with other people, not just doing church together. I think this is why I (Jason) absolutely love retreats! I even love the ones that when you show up at 3:30pm on Friday afternoon in your air-conditioned van and the temperature gage reads 107 degrees outside! About 20 of us headed up the 154 off of Paradise Rd, about 30 minutes or so from IV, to go camping this last weekend…like always, it was a great time together!

I dropped Holly off at the SB Airport early on Friday with baby J to fly out to Oklahoma to her grandpa’s 90th B-Day, which means I was in charge of Samuel and Hope. Let’s just say I am no momma; however, the kids had a blast and thought sleeping in a tent was awesome….not to mention going to bed a bit later, eating a few things mom is not a big fan of, and missing a few naps. The ship seems to drive a little differently when dad is steering it, not always intentionally, it just kind of happens.

On Saturday we took about a 15 minute drive to Solvang to a great park that had lots of grass and most importantly, lots of shade. One of the highlights from the weekend was this epic water war that broke out while we were at the park. The pictures give you a good idea of what happened, especially the one of Jose sneaking up on Robyn with a few gallons of water. Samuel was cracking me up during the war, as he was running around with his little gun shooting people with water, while others were pouring gallons on each other. Let’s just says that mercy triumphing over judgment got the boot during the water fight. Afterwards we got some ice cream together and headed back to our site for dinner and hanging out together.

The last picture was taken by Paul Carr in the dried out riverbed by our campsite of a battle between a deer and a crawdad…the winner is = the crawdad!

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