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A blog about IV and the DP house

This is a post from a random gal who with another guy have been traveling University campuses encouraging prayer. They needed a place to stay for 2 nights so we housed them at the home on Del Playa.

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“Be His” Valentine’s Day Party

This Valentine’s Day I had it on my heart to put on a small party in which the focus would be Jesus being our valentine, the true lover of our soul. I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen, but the day before, the Lord worked it out for 7 ladies to be able to come over, 5 of whom are UCSB sophmores (a few of whom I didn’t even know!). God helped me to be able to put together a whole slew of things to use at the party to minister the truth that He is our bridegroom and the One who loves us the most! It all came together and was a success! They all seemed so thankful, and several specifically had testimonies of how God used it to minister to them.

I really wanted to make them all feel so loved and special, and told them it was a Valentine’s Day party from Jesus for them. They each got a red rose, a gift, a love letter from both the Father and Jesus, and a picture frame with the verse “I am my Beloved’s and His desire is for me” (Song of Songs 7:10) in it.

We had cupcakes, appetizers, chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling cider in wine glasses, and tea. I shared a brief testimony from my own life of how God began revealing Himself as my Bridegroom some years ago, and of how even as a married woman with a great husband, I still can only find the true love, satisfaction, and romance my heart longs for in Jesus. I played a few songs for them that spoke of God’s love for us, and shared something about some of the gifts God gives us from Isaiah 61. It was a very special time and I think the ladies were blessed and felt very loved by their Savior this Valentine’s Day!

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