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Summer Recap

As you can see, we haven’t done any updating over the summer, mostly because it has been crazy busy and filled with all sorts of special events such as weddings, family trips, retreats, etc.

The summer has been pretty low-key in Isla Vista… we’ve had a once a week “Family Time” at our house all summer where people come over for dinner and hanging out. It has been really fun and a blessed time of fellowship. The Lord has given us a good summer with being able to develop friendships amonst the Body in a deeper way.

Also, in July, we had a church retreat down to Orange County and all stayed at one of the guy’s parents’ house from IVC. It was a great time of fun and fellowship! We spent a good part of one of the days at the beach, and as you can see from the pictures below, the kids had a great time playing with everyone! They are big fans of all of their 20-something-year-old friends!

Jason has had to spend a lot of time this summer getting prepared for next school year — finding people to live in the Del Playa Ministry Houses (which finally are filled as of last week! praise the Lord!); getting things together for the School of Ministry that will be starting this fall; finding older men & women of the faith to mentor/disciple the guys and girls in the house for the school year; etc.

As some of you know, I (Holly) have a party planning business, and this summer I had 3 weddings to coordinate all in the space of a month! It was quite a challenge being 7 months pregnant and doing this, but I am happy to report that all went well and our family was blessed by some extra income from them.

On the topic of income, Jason recently started a new job as a personal assistant for an 83 year old man. It is a great job for him and he only has to work 9 hours a week (3 mornings a week for 3 hours), leaving time for all the demands the ministry in IV places on him.

We are also in the midst of raising support to be able to raise up a team around us who can back us in prayer and financially. Please be praying for this process, that God would really bring together a team who can support the vision God has given us for IV, and that God would continue to provide for our family financially.

So, there is a little update on what’s been going on over the summer for us! Now we are just gearing up for the school year to begin (City College just started, but UCSB will start later in September) and for Jeremiah’s arrival sometime around the end of September!

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