1st Baptist Church

This last Sunday morning I had the priviledge and honor to speak at the SB First Baptist Church. Both Holly and Scott went with me, along with the kids. It was so great being with a different part of the body of Christ, in addition to being with many people who are three to four times older than the most of the family in IVC. The first two people I met had been attending the church for over 40 yrs…needless to say it was encouraging to see the faithfulness of people who have loved Jesus for so many years!

The text I preached out of was John 17:18, which is Jesus saying to the Father, “As you sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.” It was a great reminder for all us that we have been sent into the world to love the world, as Christ loved the world.

At the end I showed this video on prayer in IV and had Scott close with a short word:


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