10 Glorious Years

This last year marked 10 years for the home of Del Playa (aka Jesus Burgers House).  In all my years in IV, I would have to say, this year was the most fruitful and by far the most enjoyable year for me.

All the years were glorious at some level, though some have been more glorious than others.  This year was super glorious for me and I can’t imagine why next year will not be even more with the group that is moving in.  Please pray for those who have  transitioned out of the home and for the new people who are arriving this next week.

This was the only picture all year that EVERYONE was in it (8 guys, 7 gals)…it was taken at our home during a house hangout night (yes it was a silly picture).

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  1. Claire Anderson says:

    Oh wow! Love these people so muchhhh glory indeed

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